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Muslin Squares - 10 Top Tips

Muslin Squares are probably the most versatile baby product there is! All our Muslin Squares are approximately 60 x 60 cm and handmade from 100% Cotton. We have put together all the uses of Muslin Squares; some you may already know but hopefully we give you some helpful tips and tricks!

1. If you have forgotton your Degiorgis Baby Burp Cloth, keep your clothes clean and drape a muslin square over your shoulder whilst burping your baby.

2. A muslin square is a breast feeding mumma's best friend. Muslin squares are very absorbent and dry quickly so are great to mop up any leaking breast milk.

3. Forgot baby's bib but remembered the muslin square? Fold the muslin square diagonally so it makes a triangle and tie round baby's neck to make a bib.

4. Muslin squares make perfect comforters, especially for teething babies! Babies can suck on the muslin square and it will soak up all the dribble too.

5. Lay a muslin square on the ground with some toys and you have a lovely play mat to keep baby occupied.

6. Turn your muslin square into a changing mat if you cannot make it to the changing mat or if you have forgotten to bring yours.

7. Cooling down baby in the summer. Pop muslin squares in the freezer for baby to cool down with. Remember to let muslin squares defrost before giving it to baby. Always check the muslin square isn't too cold!

8. You can even use muslin squares at bath time! Our muslins are super soft and make perfect wash cloths.

9. Muslin Squares are often used for pram covers to sheild baby from the sun. Be careful with this one as babies can get too hot so ensure there is lots of air flow in the pram!

10. Once baby has grown up a little bit and you think you no longer need muslin squares, reuse them as cloths to clear up any spillages.

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