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About Us

Our Aim

Degiorgis Baby creates baby clothes and accesories handmade in the United Kingdom. Our sizes range from 0 to 3 years. We aim to produce on trend but functional products. Our Creative Director has a keen eye for aesthetic but designs our products with both baby and parents in mind. Unlike most high street retailers, we do not mass produce our product so you are truly purchasing something unique and exclusive. Quality of the product is so important to us. Each product is handmade to the highest standard and the fabrics we buy also mirror this. A fabric may look gorgeous but if it does not meet our quality standards, we will not use it. We only use non-toxic fabrics and mainly use 100% natural and often organic materials. Even our buttons are made from natural fibres, like wood and coconut!

With our custom made orders, we are able to collaborate with you to create beautiful bespoke products exclusively for you. You will be kept up to date on every aspect of the process, from choosing fabrics, tweaking designs, to the making process. The pricing is not extortionate either; we want to provide each and every customer with a touch of luxury for reasonable prices. Our prices may be a bit higher than the average high street brand but that is because handmade and high quality products do cost that little bit extra to produce. We promise it is worth it to provide your child with the best!

Our new nursery range has the same high standards as our clothing and accessories and have been designed and handmade with love.

The Story Behind Degiorgis Baby

The Designer and Creative Director behind Degiorgis Baby has always had a passion for children and baby wear. Despite her experience interning in Luxury Womenwear for the likes of Christian Dior, Vera Wang, Max Mara and the Vampire's Wife, she decided children and baby wear was a more rewarding path.

Degiorgis is the maiden name of our Designer and Creative Director's Grandmother and pays tribute to her and her Swiss heritage.

Handmade in the United Kingdom

When we say handmade in the United Kingdom, we mean it! Everything is handmade in our studio in East Sussex. There is no mass production in a factory imported from another country! Each product is made with love and care to ensure the highest standards of quality are met. We also have a low waste policy and are able to monitor and adhere to this in our studio - often reusing fabrics for other products.

Our Packaging

Our Designer and Creative Director has a small (MASSIVE) obsession with luxury shoes. She wanted to create a similar unboxing experience to opening a luxury product but she also wanted the packaging to be to be sustainable! Sometimes sustainable is not associated with luxury or is aesthetically pleasing. When it comes to our packaging, we believe we have acheived a touch of luxury whilst staying sustainable, but we do need your help in maintaining this. All our products come lovingly wrapped in non-toxic, recycled tissue paper; sealed with a sticker that is made from recycled paper; tied with a ribbon and placed inside a white postal box which is also made from recycled materials.

How can you help us stay enviromentally friendly?

Please recycle the sticker and the delivery note, recycle or reuse the tissue paper and postal box and reuse the ribbon!

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