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Christmas Gift Guide

Have you started Christmas shopping yet? We have put together our ultimate Christmas Gift Guide! This guide is a combination of nursery decor, clothing and accessories for babies, toddlers and children. We hope this helps make your Christmas shopping a little easier. Happy Shopping!

1. Pebbles Muslin Square with Tassels: Shop Here

2. Newborn Announcement Discs Two Pack: Shop Here

3. Christmas Long Sleeve Top and Leggings Set: Shop Here

4. Autumn Flowers Turban: Shop Here

5. Brown Wooden Ring Felt Mobile: Shop Here

6. Big Cat Dribble Bib: Shop Here, Orange Flowers Dribble Bib: Shop Here

7. Polar Bear Long Sleeve Top and Leggings Set: Shop Here

8. Blue Velvet Crown: Shop Here, Pink Velvet Crown: Shop Here

9. Velvet Ribbon French Barrette Hair Clip: Shop Here

10. Acorn Newborn Set: Shop Here 11. Festive Bunting: Shop Here

12. Black and White Spot Cushion: Shop Here

13. Rue The Reindeer: Shop Here

14. Rust Button Knit Leggings: Shop Here, Olive Button Knit Leggings: Shop Here

15. Embroidered Ruffle Dress: Shop Here

16. Blue Pointelle Topknot Hat: Shop Here

17. Star Tote Bag: Shop Here

18. The Adeline Bow Headband: Shop Here

19. Hat, Headband, Turban and Dribble Bib Baubles: Shop Here

20. Blue Corduroy Tulip Tie Dungarees: Shop Now


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