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Halloween Costume Ideas for Babies and Toddlers

Halloween is a very American day but often parents celebrate it as it is fun for your little ones! It is super cute seeing your little ones all dressed up.

It is cute and fun but you may not to spend lots of money on costumes for one day. We have put together some costume ideas using our products which can be reworn for everyday outfits. These ideas are quick and easy for busy parents: simply pop a witches hat on or draw a nose and whiskers and ta da your little one is now a witch or a kitty.

From a Spooky Witch and Pretty Princess to a Party Guest

Our Black Tulle Ruffle Dress is the perfect dress for a witches' costume. This is great costume idea for all ages but especially for the 2-3 years olds who are more likely to keep a witches' hat on! Once halloween is over our ruffle dress makes a great party dress and is particularly popular in Autumn Winter.

Halloween doesn't have to mean spooky! Pair our Embroidered Ruffle Dress with a tiara and turn your little girl into a princess for the day. This ruffle dress is also great for parties and weddings and would make a perfect birthday dress!

Cute Animals to Everday Basic

There is nothing cuter than a baby dressed as an animal, these are super quick and easy ideas for busy parents! Above are our Corduroy Romper, Brown Contrast Stripe Coat and Leopard Print Long Sleeve Top. These products are a great everyday basic but pop on some ears and draw a nose and whiskers on your little one and they will become a lion, a bear or a leopard! You can purchase cheap ears from Claires or Amazon etc. and your child can enjoy playing with them for a long time after Halloween is done and over with. The coat is a particularly great option as you will get good use from it during the cold seasons.


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