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Spring is Here!

It may not look or feel like it but today is the first day of Spring! Every year we launch our Spring Summer Collection on the first day of Spring, this year is no different.

All our products are designed and handmade in England. If you did not already know we are a slow fashion brand meaning we make small quanities to be as eco-friendly as possible. We are also a luxury fashion brand; we use the highest quality fabrics and handmake them with love and care. By making small quantities this keeps us exclusive. Unlike high street brands who mass produce products in factories abroad, when you buy from us only a handful of other people in the world will have the same product as you.

We would love to introduce you to our Spring Summer 2023 Collection:

Linen Shirt and Shorts

Cotton is the fabric used the most for our products, this year I wanted to add some linen to the Spring Summer Collection. Linen is a great breathable fabric for summer, I found this striped linen and loved the texture it creates. We of course wanted to use buttons made from natural fibres, we tried shell and coconut buttons but ultimately the wooden buttons won!

Our Linen Shirt and Shorts will make a perfect wedding guest outfit. They are a smart but comfortable addition to your little ones wardrobe.

Oversized Tops and Shorts

As much as I love the shirt and shorts, I wanted to add something more casual to the collection. Our oversized Tops and Shorts are super soft and lightweight. They are handmade from 100% cotton muslin fabric which is great for when your little ones are playing in water during the Summer. Muslin fabric dries pretty fast compared to other fabrics.

Like the Linen Shorts our Muslin Shorts have an elasticated waist. The Oversized Tops are fastened with a wooden button. I am obsessed with the prints, they come in a sweet strawberry print and a cool beachy print.

Bandana Bibs

We thought the Oversized Tops and Shorts needed some bibs! Our dribble bibs are lined in premium microfleece which is a super absorbent fabric. These Bandana Bibs are the fab addition to your dribbly baby's outfit!

Summer Dungarees

Our Summer Dungarees are handmade from 100% cotton muslin fabric and have wooden button fastenings. The buttons ensure the dungarees are adjustable for your growing little ones. We pulled the green colours from the beach print and found this adorable green safari animal print for our dungarees.

New Jersey

For every collection we launch we have a jersey set. I was going back and forth on whether to do T-Shirts or Long Sleeve Tops. We are a UK based brand and a lot of our customers are based in the UK. Lets be realistic; our British Summers are not always hot and sunny. The fabrics I wanted to use are light weight cotton jersey so I decided to go for Long Sleeve Tops. I thought we already had 3 shorts in the collection so I wanted to mix it up a bit. Introducing our new product: Cycling Shorts!!

So our Spring Summer Jersey consists of Long Sleeve Tops, Leggings and Cycling Shorts. They are handmade from a lovely green pointelle cotton jersey and a floral ribbed cotton jersey.

The Blue Floral Collection

We have our Linen Shirt and Shorts for special occasions this Spring Summer but I thought we needed some lace and ruffles! Our Blue Floral Collection consists of our Ruffle Dress, Ruffle Top and Scallop Dribble Bib - all handmade from 100% Cotton. Perfect for your girly girls! When you thought I couldn't go more overboard with the ruffles I couldn't resist adding a bow fastening to the top. Such a fun touch to the top!


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