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Introducing Our Newborn Collection

Our Newborn Collection is now available at! Our Newborn Collection makes a great first outfit for your new baby. Not only are they super cute but they are snuggly and practical too! If you are shopping for a friend you will most definitely win 'best gift giver', if you gift anything from our Newborn Collection.

So, what is in the Newborn Collection? The Newborn Collection consists of a wrap top, wrap babygrow, leggings, hat and scratch mittens. Each product is sold separately or you can really indulge and treat yourself or your loved one to the whole set. When you buy the whole set, you get 20% off!! The collection comes in three different prints: acorns, balloons and flowers. The fabric is cotton jersey which is super soft on baby's skin and has the perfect amount of stretch.


The perfect print for an Autumn Winter baby! This print is slightly creamer than the other two prints.


The balloons print is the perfect gift to celebrate a new baby. If you are loving the muted tones trend or if baby's gender is a suprise, all the prints in this collection are a great option for a gender neutral look.


When sourcing the fabric for this collection I decided to get the flowers printed in a rib jersey, that way you can mix and match the prints and add a bit of texture too! I am so happy with this decision as I think the rib looks great! I hope you think so too!

Why not add an Announcement Disc to your order? We have two Announcement Discs available separately or together!

Shop our Newborn Collection HERE.


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