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How Degiorgis Baby has started 2023 with sustainability.

Happy New Year! We hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Have you set any New Year's resolutions?

We haven't, we don't quite believe in resolutions.. Who actually sticks to them anyway? However, we have started 2023 focusing on sustainability! Whether it be our plastic free recyclable packaging, fabric sourcing or how our products are made, sustainability is important to us and is an integral part of Degiorgis Baby.

We are proud to be a slow fashion brand - all our products are handmade in our studio in East Sussex. Absolutely no fast fashion factories with questionable ethics here! When we cut our fabrics, we do it in a way where we have as little wastage as possible. This is time consuming but it is important that nothing is wasted and thrown away. Any off cuts or scraps of fabrics are kept and stored away for future use.

We normally launch brand new products in January before we launch our Spring Summer collection in March. Last year we introduced some new basic products, including our bandana bibs, multipacks and corduroy dresses and dungarees. They were made from new gorgeous cotton fabrics.

This year we thought we would change it up a bit. We decided instead of introducing brand new products from new fabrics, we would make new and current products using off cuts of fabric used for our previous products. We have done this before on a smaller scale with our hair clips and headbands but we went bigger this time. We have spent the last couple of weeks cutting and sewing products from bibs and hats to tops, leggings and dungarees! We have restocked the products on the website and some of the new one-of-a-kind products will be exclusively available to buy at The Baby Show at Excel London on the 3rd-5th March 2023.

To get tickets to The Baby Show: click here.


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